Power core

PowerCore- Revolution
Automotive electronics intelligent device

US Patent No.:
US 9,194,357 B2 & US 7,928,735 B2  
Patent pending

POWER CORE is the vehicle power management system. Not only monitoring battery status but also communicating with the users about the situation of the battery energy, even if the battery is going to be near the end of its life is basic functions of POWER CORE. By a simple instrument, Power Core will provide information of battery to a vehicle status monitoring system (e.g., to cause a charging cycle to be initiated, or indicate the desirability of maintenance), or transmit necessary information to a remote monitoring location (e.g., in the fleet vehicle context, providing a status indication to a maintenance supervisory computer to schedule service). Not liking conventional electrolytic capacitors and batteries, POWER CORE is unique energy storage devices offering high power and high energy, and most important has the ability to manage the power to help car cranking, steady electric system on the vehicle, provide magnificent vehicle audio performance , improve the torque of the vehicle and perfect the ignition timing control. POWER CORE also can serve as the JUMP STARTER, offering the car the second source of the battery power supply. POWER CORE has the best power management design which will not consume the power in the battery. POWER CORE will protect the battery and extend the time span of use.

PowerCore is the intelligent device composed of microprocessors, pcb and ultracapacitors and is parallel to the battery. The intelligent device supports the electronic-controlled ignition and fuel injection system to achieve fuel economy and lower emissions, while still maintaining high level of performance and convenience. Functions such as, engine management, transmission control, climate control, antilock braking, passive safety system, navigation and others can be reinforced by PowerCore. The advantage of PowerCore is outputting very powerful currency in short time without influence to any system of a vehicle. There will be no delay at kickdown and driving the vehicle will the most enjoyable experience. PowerCore has the management ability to automatically shut down when the voltage of the battery is too low for protection. With intelligent power supervision, the power of battery will not be dragged out to keep cranking ability of a vehicle.

♦ Automobiles Start-GO system: helping a start-stop system or stop-start system automatically shut down and restart the internal combustion engine in order to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling. Power Core reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
♦ Increasing torque: Power Core helps to increase the turning power in the automobile and helps drivers to accelerate a car even faster. Power Core makes the engine that can output this large amount of torque over a wide range of engine speeds.

♦ Fuel Efficiency: Power Core burns up fuel even more completely and makes the explosion effect in cylinder significantly improved. The throttle is driven by Power Core to be much lighter. There is no need to do extra step-on gas to achieve fuel – efficiency effect.

♦ Voltage stabilization: From the near the end of life of Power Core to all full charged of Power Core fast and sustain full charged state. Car stereo system with Power core ‘s steady power supply and noise absorbing will deliver a powerful ,deeper bass for drivers’ best audio entertainment experience. Power Core can enhance vehicle audio power and maximize audio quality. Most important for subwoofer, Power Core can provide instantaneous high current to support subwoofer for the best performance for drivers’ best audio entertainment.

♦ Battery Monitor Device : Vehicles require predictable and reliable performance of the batteries that are integrated into those systems. It is important to monitor the precise information of battery ,including Battery Voltage Test、 Battery RC(Note)、Battery OHM Test、Battery CCA and Temperature.

♦ Interference reduction: Power Core can efficiently lower the ripple at charging of vehicle batteries and functioning of generators to raise the efficiency of the engine.

♦ Battery protection-communicating with users: As designed APP specially for Power Core, Power Core will send out the warning messages and battery health status to communicate to a user ( for example, to the owner of a private vehicle, or to the service manager of a fleet of vehicles, even the vehicle’s operating system.

♦ Low Battery power consumption: Power Core has very low power consumption 

Note: The RC value shows the remaining capacity of the battery.

 Input  Battery
 Micro USB(option)
 Working temperature  -40 ˚C to 65˚C (-40 ˚F to 149 ˚F)
 Engine type  gasoline
 Car Stopping
 Starting ability
 Car starting
 Auxiliary start 
 Voltage stabilizin
 High magnification discharging
 Increasing torque
 Fuel economy
 Battery Energy Warning  
 Low Battery power  consumption  
 Jumpstart function  
 MAX output current  273A(Note)
 US. Patent number  US 9,194,357 B2, US7928735B2
 Note : different capacitance has different current.

 Small  medium  big
 Cap.  size  20F  64F  300F
 Eco cal.    YES  YES
 CH,CK cal.    YES  YES
 RS485      YES
 MAX output  current  79A  273A  1585A