Power core

The Most Unique Internal Combustion Engine Electronics Intelligent Management System

Power Core is the intelligent system composed of microprocessors, pcb and ultracapacitors .
The smart system is parallel to the battery. Power Core supports the power system of the whole car. The intelligent system supports the electronic-controlled ignition and fuel injection system to achieve fuel economy and lower emissions, while still maintaining high level of performance and convenience. Functions such as, engine control unit, transmission control, climate control, antilock braking, passive safety system, navigation and others can be reinforced by Power Core. The advantage of Power Core outputs very powerful electric current in transient without any influence to any system of an internal combustion engine. It will make delay no happening at kickdown. Power Core contributes to stress-free, proper, precise and easy operation and enables the drivers to concentrate on “running, turning and stopping. Power Core will diminish extra noise and unpleasant shaking. Thus, driving the vehicle will be the most enjoyable experience. Power Core has the management ability to automatically shut down when the voltage of the battery is too low for protection. With intelligent power supervision, the power of battery will not be dragged out to keep cranking ability of a vehicle.

The application electronic current of Power Core is range from 80A to 3000A. With steady stream of energy supplied, cars can be used and treated as electric motors. The prompt and precise electricity energy to electrical equipment necessary for moving the car, electrical equipment for enhanced comfort and electrical equipment for improved safety is so unbelievable.

The working temperature of Power Core is ranged from -40~65℃.
 This is the best solution for people, who have a low voltage battery in the car and also in the unexpected, unusual or even unpredictable the best solution for people in the unexpected, unusual or even unpredictable weather. With special and delicate mechanism, users can press one button for few seconds to have electricity power in ultracapacitors from the battery. In the very much short time, any driver is able to crank the car. Power Core, which has one button for cranking, really helps to improve the quality and suitability of people's daily lives.

Power Core is the solution to the electronic systems used in vehicles, including engine control unit, ignition, radio, carputers, telematics, in-car entertainment systems and others. Ignition, engine, and transmission electronics are used in motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, and other internal combustion-powered engines for example: forklifts, tractors, and excavators, recreational vehicles, military vehicles and boats.