Jump Starter

A method of jump starting a vehicle comprising the steps of: measuring a range of voltages across a starting battery of the 
vehicle during a process of starting the vehicle; setting a reference voltage point Q by choosing the point Q from the range of voltages across the starting battery of the vehicle measured during the process of starting the vehicle; and in a given starting process, employing a controller to: determine whether the voltage across the starting battery of the vehicle is less than the reference voltage Q; and if the determination is positive, cause an external power source to supply high current (I2) to the starting battery, thereby adding the high current (I2) to current (I1) from the starting battery to obtain a total current (I); and supplying the total current (I) to a starter motor of the vehicle so as to successfully start the vehicle. 


 ♦ No battery inside
 ♦ 100% maintenance-free
 ♦ Microprocessor controlled
 ♦ 10,000 cycle/10-year lifespan
 ♦ Built-in voltage indicator
 ♦ Forced Output Mode to start engine without any battery mounted
 ♦ Glow Mode for cold start of diesel engine
 ♦ Short circuit and reverse polarity protection

3 ways to use:
 ♦ Connect clamps to vehicle battery
 ♦ Connect to vehicle's 12V DC port
 ♦ Connect to a power bank via Micro-USB port (cable not included)

► Input DC 12V 10A,DC 5V 2A
► Starting current:280A
► Working temperature:-40℃ to 65℃[-40°F to 150°F]
► Recharge time from battery:90 seconds
► Recharge time from 12V socket : 200 seconds
► Recharge time from USB:30-40 minutes
 Input  Battery
   12 V socket
   Micro USB
 Input voltage   12V DC 10A
   5V DC 2A
 Working temperature  -40 ˚C to 65˚C (-40 ˚F to 149 ˚F)
 MAX output current  280A
 Max Input working voltage  14 V
 Engine type  gasoline
 Over voltage protection  30 V MAX
 Protection  Short circuit and reverse polarity
 Recharging time from battery  90 seconds
 Recharging time from 12v   socket  200 seconds
 Recharging time from USB  30-40 minutes(25min_2A)
 US. Patent number  US 9,194,357 B2