RC Sensor

RC (Remaining Capacity ) Sensor--  BattEye
Patent No.: 6,704,629;6,791,464; 7,212,006;7,902828;
EP 131 8412; ZL 2016 2 0660463.5
Patent pending

In response to the needs of automobile owners, BattEye is the technology product by Power Design Co., Ltd. With patent technology, BattEye detects the status of car battery, and transfers data immediately to users’ SMART DEVICE via Bluetooth (option) transmission.
Users may keep track of their car battery voltage, power, cranking performance and battery life and RC and other related information after a simple installation. Users don't need to worry about if the battery is out of power, needing emergent replacement or other problem. BattEye is one of a user's essential devices on the vehicles with all relevant information about car battery shown on user's devices.

♦ Showing data, including the battery capacity, remaining capacity   (RC)and the battery status, cranking health and battery life.
♦ Checking battery status easily by Smartphone.
♦ Monitoring charging state and performance of the battery.
♦ Reducing function failure risk of a battery with the lowest cost.
♦ Showing battery diagnosis on a user’s Smartphone by Bluetooth transmission.
♦ Cranking health checking
♦ Warning of replacing driver’s battery before functions failing
♦ Tell driver Maximizing life of the battery by communicating the battery status with drivers  
♦ Real time monitor

 Applications  Cranking batteries for cars, light trucks, and other
 engine starting applications ,Real time monitor,
 System voltage, nominal  12V / 24V
 Maximum allowable voltage  36V
 Battery types supported  WET, MF, VRLA, AGM
 Power consumption  < 20 mA
 Operating temperature  -15℃ to 85℃
 Battery size range  5~800Ah
 Battery connection  6.5mm ‘Y’ for auto terminal
 Display  Smartphone App
 Transmission device  4G module or bluetooth